Circulatory System

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Human Anatomy

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Circulatory System

Did you know the human heart pumps approximately 100 milliliters of blood per beat? It also is about the size of your fist, cool right?

Not smoking, exercising, comsuming omega 3 fatty acid and eating healthy can lower the risk of heart attack. So remember keep your heart healthy!

Fun Fact: The respritory system exchanges gasses between red blood cells in the circulatory system

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Ever wondered what the the lymphatic system is? Well I can tell you! The lymphatic system works with the circulatory sytem to take away harmful fluids surronding tissues and organs.

Did you know the heart has 4 chambers?

The circulatory system is essential to human life. Without a circulatory system the needed substances would not be delivered to organs and tissues, and waste products could not be removed.

Circulatory System By: Lanie R.

Have you looked at your arm and seen those long blue lines? Those are your veins. Veins take oxygenated blood back to your heart


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