Circulatory System: Mrs. Geary

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Human Anatomy

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Circulatory System: Mrs. Geary

Activity 2: Research the parts of the heart using the website: the following games:

Activity 1:Your pulse, or heart rate, tells you how fast your heart beats. Play the "Keeping Healthy" Game at determine how different activities affect your heart rate. The worksheet for this activity is located in the paper clip above. Use the following link to determine your heart rate and document the results.

Activity 3:Define the following words in your science journal:HeartVeinArtery CapillariesExplore the 3D Heart Model and read about the parts of the heart

Circulatory System

The circulatory system is made up of the heart and blood vessels.

A heart beats an average of 70 times per minute

The heart is the size of a fist and located in the rib cage and between the lungs.

The three types of blood vessels are veins, arteries, and capillaries.

Activity 4:Complete the circulatory system test located in the attachments. (Click on the paper clip)


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