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Borromean Ring

A circle is an elipse, but an elipse is not a circle!

The Circle

Cool Circles!

Used to show harmony and unity.

By: Erin & Miao

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Problem solutions

History of CirclesThe study of the circle goes back beyond recorded history. The invention of the wheel is a fundamental discovery of properties of a circle.The greeks considered the Egyptians as the inventors of geometry. The scribe Ahmes, the author of the Rhind papyrus, gives a rule for determining the area of a circle which corresponds to π = 256/81 or approximately 3.16.The first theorems relating to circles are attributed to Thales around 650 BC. Book III of Euclid's Elements deals with properties of circles and problems of inscribing and escribing polygons.One of the problems of Greek mathematics was the problem of finding a square with the same area as a given circle. Several of the 'famous curves' in this stack were first studied in an attempt to solve this problem. Anaxagoras in 450 BC is the first recored mathematician to study this problem.

Stonehedge, Tires, Clocks, Gears, Sports Balls, Ferris Wheel, and Pizzas!!



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