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Language Arts
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Cinderella is a young girl who has an evil stepmother and two stepsisters. They treated her very bad! They make her do all the chores in the house. When the Prince invites the family to his ball, Cinderella is told she must stay home. That is when he Fairy Godmother shows up and gives Cinderella a beautiful dress and a ride to the ball! But she only has until midnight! The Prince and Cinderella dance the night away! But when the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella runs out and leaves her glass slipper behind! The Prince goes out to find the beautiful girl who he loves! He goes to every girl seeing who fits into the slipper. He finds out it is Cinderella and they live happily ever after!


What lesson did you learn?

I learned that no matter where you come from, you can become the princess you want to be! You just need to keep your head up and keep moving!


-Cinderella- Prince Charming- Stepmother Lady Tremaine- Anastasia- Drizella- Jaq- Gus- Fairy Godmother

This story takes place in a kindgdom far far away! They are inside Cinderella's house and the Prince's palace.



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