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CinderBy: Marissa MeyerBook Talk by Augut F.

The theme of this book is don't judge a book by it's cover. Throughout the whole story, Cinder, the main character, is a cyborg. On the surface people see her as different and inferior to them when in reality Cinder is not just a cyborg, which you shouldn't assume makes you a bad person, but she a genuinely nice and good person.

CharactersCinder: Main Character, skilled mechanic, cyborg, in love with Prince KaiPrince Kai: Prince of the Eastern Commonwealth, soon to be Emperor, wants to follow in his father's footsteps, loves CinderAdri (Cinder's stepmom): hates Cinder, has 2 real daughtersPeony: Cinder's stepsister, doesnt care that she is a cyborg, later dies from the deadly plague.Mysterious Lunar Society's Queen: wants to comtrol Earth starting by marrying Prince Kai, has a neice who could take the crown from her but has dissapeared

The character types are similar to other books because there is a charming prince, a peasant girl, the wicked step mother, and others. Also the plot is sort of similar to Cinderella, for example, there is a prince and peasant who fall in love, an evil stepmother and a royal ball. Although, I think this book was supposed to be similar to Cinderella.

The characters are different because even though they seem to have the same basic sturcture ot other characters, they are unique, Cinder for instance is like Cinderella, except she is a cyborg mechnaic. The plot is different because main "fairy tale" events like a ball, and the love story of the prince and a girl, happen but with a twist, Cinder actually doesn't want to go to the ball for fear the prince will discover her cyborg secret.

Ways Cinder is similar to other books:

Ways Cinder is different from other books:


Summary of the PlotCinder lives in New Beijing, a futuristic city, in the future, sometime after WWIV. She lives in the Eastern Commonwealth ruled by an Emperor. Cinder is a cyborg and does not have equal rights, she is an orphan and lives with her step mom and two step sisters who hate her except for Peony one of her sisters. Cinder is a mechanic and one day the prince comes to her shop and thats when things start to pick up. The prince falls in love for Cinder, and Cinder him, but she has no time for love and neither does the prince. She is planning an escape from her stepmother, being tested on for the deadly plague ravaging the city, and she is discovering secrets from her past. Prince Kai is becoming emperor while the Lunar country known as Luna, attempts to make a grab for power on Earth.The story comes to a climax while Cinder, attempting to escape the city, stops at the palace where the Lunar Queen and Prince Kai are hosting a ball. Here the Queen recognizes Cinder (I can't say why, its a major spoiler) and tries to arrest her. Prince Kai wants to protect her but can't and Cinder is taken to jail where she will either have to die or escape and be on the run forever.

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Point Of ViewCinder is told from an omniscient point of veiw. You can hear Cinder's thoughts and feelings and there is a god like veiw on the events which gives the story depth.


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