Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de MayoBy: Alex Espique

History HuntersBenito Juarez: 1808-1872 president of Mexico served 5 termsNapoleon the third: 1808-1873 Emporer of the 2nd French Empire.Nephew and heir of Napoleon the firstMaximilian: 1832-1867 only monarch of the 2nd Mexican Empire.Reign 1864-1867The biggest misconception to Cinco de Mayo is that we celebrate it as Mexicos day of independence.When really Mexico didnt gain independence until September 16 1867. May 5th is the day that the Battle of Puebla took place.The conflict that started war is to blame on Benito Juarez. He was forced to suspend payments of interest on foriegn debts.The people did not agree with this.During the Battle of Puebla the French surrendered due to the fact that they started to lack food, supplies, and ammunition.The end of the war was in 1867 lasting 6 years since it started in 1861.But in the end Mexico gained its independence.

Fascinating FactsCinco de Mayo is celebrated by many people.America celebrates mostly since many Mexican immagrants came to America.The battle of Puebla(which took place May 5th)was an important victory against the French for Mexicans.Frances reasoning for invading Mexico was because they didnt pay the money that was due.To day the battlefield is now a park.In the war there was about 12,000 soldiers fighting from both sides.The battle of Puebla was also important since France at this point has already won so many battles.Mexicans and Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo differently from each other though.Americans celebrate by parades and other festivites.Mexicans celebrate with military parades since it's not a fedral holiday for them.

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