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Triangle Shirtwaist Factory

Some thought The only way to save their lives was to jump from the 9th and 10th floor of the building .While others were stuck trying to get out of the door or down the elevator . And also there was some girls who just hesitated to jump and caught on fire and let there body fall to the ground along the east side of greene street New York and In a half an hour the fire was over .

146 Female workers Died

Fast Facts~Had the fourth highest dying rate from industrial business in US history.~Most victims were teenage girls.~The companies owners where charges with first-degree and second-degree murder.

The triangle shirtwaist factory fire happend on March 25,1911 and was known as the most deadliest industrial disaster in the history of new york city . At the time there was 275 girl workers that have been a part of the factory.

Discovery:~Rusty fire escape collapsed ~Oily floors spread the fire quickly. ~There was no sprinkler system to stop the fire only buckets or water.




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