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Interesting Facts about Me!1) I am sometimes referred to as "Tully". 2) My whole family is intellectual, athough my father has physical disabilities. 3) I am the eldest of two sons. 4) There are still many letters of my brother, Atticus and me around.

-made the "Ciceronian rhetoric"-served in the military -got many philosophical scholarships -obtained his first major case in 80 BCE (won)-elected into each main Roman government office at young age-wrote many texts such as, De republica. -made a series of famous orations known as the Philippics

- gave impetus for other leaders to have a greater purpose in life-motivated the figures of the French and American Revolution-writings are the base of European philosophical learning

Marcus Tullius Cicero was born on January 3rd, 106 B.C in Arpinium, Rome. During his time there were war outbreaks in Rome. Ciero was a lawyer, statesman, politician, philosopher and a famous orator. As a young student, he was very talented and got the opportunity of studying in Rome. He studied philosophy and got into jurisprudence, starting his career as a lawyer and an orator. Later on in his career as a statesman, he was exiled for disobeying a law. Near the end of his life, he witnessed the murder of Caesar. In the orations he made following it, he was against Mark Antony, but supported Octavian and the survival of the Roman Republic. Mark Antony partnered up in Roman power, and Antony ordered the murder of Cicero. Cicero died on December 7th, 43 BCE.





These were the types of facial expressions and gestures made by successful orators in Cicero's time.


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