[2015] Ashvin Ananthan (Sem 2 McAdam Geo Pd 1): Churchill, Manitoba

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[2015] Ashvin Ananthan (Sem 2 McAdam Geo Pd 1): Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill, Manitoba

Aurora BorealisThe Aurora Borealis or also known as the Northern Lights are "natural phenomenons" that cause strands and rows of beautifully coloured lights to appear in the sky. They have this magnificent glow to them and are amazing to see. Churchill is one of three places in the world to see these lights at their best.

Polar Bear WatchingPolar bears are one of many animals that you can observe in Churchill, however they are not held in human custody, but rather find themselves wandering around the town. The cold and frigid temperatures throughout most of the year in Churchill allow for this to happen. When the polar bears come out looking for seals around the Hudson Bay, they sometimes walk to into areas where humans are and if you happen to be there, you can get an up close view of a polar bear.

ActivitiesThere are numerous amounts of winter activities to do in Churchill. There is:-Beluga Whale Watching-Dog Sledding-Polar Bear Watching-Bird Watching-Viewing the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis

Tourist SitesThere are many historical sites and parks to be visited in Churchill. There is the Prince of Wales Fort, Cape Merry, Sloop Cove and York Factory. These are all national historic sites in Churchill. There is also the Wapusk National Park of Canada which is best known for being the home to many young polar bear cubs and their mothers.

Dog SleddingThe landscape and weather in Churchill allow for the perfect dog sledding experience. The weather allows a lot of snow to be on the ground for most of the year which makes dog sledding possible. In the summer though, wheels are placed on the sled so that they can roll around and still be used. Dog sledding is still one of the most convenient ways of getting around and was practiced by our ancestors years ago.


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    Really effective layout - good colour choice. Images and video represent Churchill very well. Check spelling of activities. Rather than saying "There are a numerous amount of"...say "There are numerous".
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