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Chuck Hull

Chuck Hull

Early Life




Charles "Chuck" Hull

3D matirials are made this way: The 3D printer adds new layers or photopolymer on top of each other until the object is complete.

3D Printer Inspiration

Hull developed the idea for the 3D printer while making a lamp at UVP. He realized that thousands of photopolymer layers, which are in lamps, would stack to create a three-dimensional object which could be put in a printer.

Chales "Chuck" Hull was born on May 12, 1939 in Cliffton, Colorodo the son of Lester and Esther Hull. Chuck went to college in Colorado but moved to California in 1961

- Chuck Hull has been a private pilot since 1973- Hull is an amateur photograher and videographer- Chuck Hull was inducted into the Industry week Manufacturing Hall of Fame in 2013-Chuck Hull's real first name is Charles- Chuck Hull called his wife very early in the morning to come see the first working 3D printer. She responded with, "This better be good."

and the 3D Printer

Chuck Hull went to Central High school in Grand Junction, Colorado and then went on to college at the University of Colorodo. In 1961 Chuck got a bachelor degree in engineering physics. Chuck would later work at Bell and Howell then at Dupont's photo products as an engineer.

Interesting facts About Chuck Hull

The 3D Printer

The 3D printer's impact on the world

Interesting facts About the 3D Printer

1] You can print a house using a 3D printer2] You can print a drone with a 3D printer3] 3D printing has been used in movies such as Ironman, The Hobbit, The Muppets, and the Avengers4] NASA is currently working on sending robots and astronauts to construct buildings and infastructures on lunar surfaces using 3D printers5] The first object that was printed from a 3D printer was a cup



3D printers can make movie props, tools, cups, and other house hold or unique items that normally take hours of hard work faster, easier, and without starting from scratch. It is also being said that one day the 3D printer might be able to produce edible food for the hungry.


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