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Chuck Cooper

Charles Henry (Chuck) Cooper was the youngest of six children born September 29, 1926, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Daniel and Emma Cooper. His father, a mailman and his mother, a school teacher established family values of education, achievement, and leadership. He attended Westinghouse High School, where he excelled in academics, music and athletics. Inspired by his oldest brother Cornell, he pursued multiple sports. He joined the basketball team, but almost quit when he realized that he was being forced to do what basketball players sometimes call “dirty work”- Rebounding, playing tight defensive and opening up space for other players, but rarely being given the chance to shoot the ball himself.


Accomplishments:Points2,725 (6.7 ppg) Rebounds2,431 (5.9 rpg) Assists733 (1.8 apg)


To many people Chuck Cooper is just a name, yet to anyone that know the history of basketball Chuck Cooper is more than a name. Cooper was a pioneer for the sport of basketball, and he paved the way for so many other future stars.While Cooper may not have been a star in the NBA, he still tore down the barrier. His contributions forever changed the game, and his impact is still felt today.

Chuck Cooper



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April 25, 1950: Drafted by the Boston Celtics in the 2nd round (13th pick) of the 1950 NBA Draft.May 28, 1954: Sold by the Boston Celtics to the Milwaukee Hawks.January, 1956: Released by the St. Louis Hawks.January, 1956: Signed as a free agent with the Fort Wayne Pistons.


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