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Chronos: God of Time

Chronos holding an hourglass

Chronos became the king of the gods after he killed his father Oranos, aand also married his sister Rhea. Before Oranos dies, he told Chronos that his own son will dethrone him. To prevent the prophecy from taking place, he swallowed his children. They were Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. Rhea got mad at Chronos for eating her children, so she did something to ensure her next child wouldn't end up in Chronos's stomach. She made a decoy of her next son Zeus using rocks and a baby blanket and took Zeus to a village to grow up in until it was safe to go back. When Zeus becomes an adult, he tries to overthrow Chronos and starts a 10 year war that Zeus and his sibblings won. Chronos, who was using titans as an army, fled from Mount Olympus, never to return again.

A beautiful statue ofChronos holding a sickle

He has all the time in the world

A close-up of a statue of Chronos holding an hourglass

A painting of Chronos swallowing one of his children

A painting of Chronos and Rhea

Powers: Ability to change the mind

Symbols:Sickle, Scythe & Harpe

Greek Name: ChronosRoman Name: Saturn

Parents: Gaia and Uranus

Forms: None


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