Chromodoris lochi

by lupemaria
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Chromodoris lochi


Chromodoris lochi

Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:MolluskClass:GastropodSuperfamily:DoridoideaFamily:ChromodorididaeGenus:ChromodorisSpecies:C. lochi

Scientific Classification

The Chromodoris Lochi lives in the sea habitat, including both the tropics and Antarctica. They can survive in water because of the their gills. All of them eat by a radula. It can grow at least 4 cm in length. It digest food by different types of prey. The male and female sexual openings are on the right side of the body. It has a bilateral symmetry. It moves so is a mobile, because it moves by there muscles contracting. Since they are mollusks, they are ectotherms. It moves by there muscles contracting. They don't have skeleton. It reproduce having both female and male reproductive organs. Sea Slugs need nutrients to have a good cellular respiration (they live in water, and water has nutrients, so their cellular respiration basically works because because of the habitat they live.



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