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Chemical Elements

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Chromium PoemChromium, an element of many uses like coating (plating).Coating is when chromium is used to cover items like a molding.Chromium, is also an element with a great history.1797 is it's discovery.Chromium has a atomic symbol, which is Cr.Another use of chromium is in the wheel of a car.Chromium has 28 Neutrons, and 24Protrons and Electrons.Add those two numbers and you get the atomic mass (52).And oh yah chromium is not a liguid or a gas.Chromium is a solid.And its also reactible with certain acids.

1) Chromium was discovered in 1797 by a French chemist named Louis-Nicholas Vauquelin.2) Chromium was discovered by experimenting with crocoite (a.k.a. Serbian Red Lead). Chromium is produced by mixing chromium oxide with hydrochloric acid.3) It is said that Chromium has existed since the earth was born, 4.5 billion years ago.

Three Histical Facts About Chromium

The Element:Chromium

By: Dominick KalajGroup Members: Dominick, Max, and NolanTeacher: Mrs. Dyas6th Hour Science

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What does Chromium look like? Well look right here!

1) Chromium can be used as dye.2) Chromium is added to steel to harded it, which is a steel alloy called stainless steal.3) Chromium is used as molds for firing of bricks.

Three Uses of Chromium

Chromium, the Home of the Fat Burners

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