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Christopher Sholes

Christopher Lathem Sholes was born on February 14th, 1819 in Mooresburg, Pennsylvania. He was a printer, editor, and journalist before he invented the type writer. His invention was a made our lives better/ different because even if your handwriting is messy and hard to read, if you write on the typewriter no matter how hard you work, the font the typewriter used would still be the same. The typewriter inventor passed away on February 17th, 1890.

Christopher Sholes

Typewriter Inventor

Christopher Sholes Biography

Christopher Sholes Bibliography

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The thing I would change for the keyboard/ type writter is that I would make there be a part where you can change your language.

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I know this invention was a success because according to “it helped us understand writing. If you had messy handwriting, and write on the typewriter it would be easier to understand since the font is clear”.

I am the inventor of the typewriter.

Christopher Sholes Facts

1. When Sholes first made the typewriter it could only write in uppercase.2.The first patient for a typewriter was Henry Mill from England3.It's a QWERTY keyboard because they split up the keys for letters commonly used together since they got jammed easily.


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