Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

Life Growing Up: Christopher Columbus grew up on Genoa Italy in 1451. Also, he worked for his father,and he was a weaver. In addition, he dreamed of sailing the seas. To add, when Christopher was 30, he was already an experienced seaman and navigator.


Getting Prepared When Christopher Columbus was getting prepared he got three ships . He also got the money from queen Isabella because he needed it for supplies. Last, he had a compass and stars that kept him where he is going.

Did you know Christopher Columbus is a great man? He is brave, he is talented, and he's heroic. He is a kind of guy who likes to sail aound the world. Some reasons I am going to tell you about him is his life growing up, how he got prepared, his expedition, his discoveries, and intresting facts. To find out his information read ahead.

Expedition: Christopher Columbus named his three ships, the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria. He also, left on August 3,1492. As a result, he left with 88 men. So he wasn't the only one. Finally, the route he took were the sea routes.

Discoveries: First, Christopher Columbus sighted land. In addition, he discovered possible sea routes. To add on, heopened up a new world for all Europe. Finally, Christopher Columbus didn't just do one expedition he did more than one.

Interesting Facts: Did you know Christopher's real name is Christophero Colombo. In addition, Christopher Columbus died in 1506. Also, he returned after a voyage of 224 days. Finally he was a hero for everyone because he named Bahamas, San Salvador.

Conclusion: In this infomational paper you learned about how he lived his life, how he was getting ready, when he was going to leave, what he discovered and unknown details. To learn more go to

Genoa Italy


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