Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus

Chistopher Coumbus was an Italian explorer who sailed across the Atlantic in 1492,hoping to find a route to india (in order to trade for spices). He made a total of 4 trips to the carribean and South America during the years or 1492-1504

Fun FactsColubus did not set out on water to prove the world was round!Colubus was not the first Eurpean to cross the Atlantic Ocean!


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Columbus saild for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. He lead 3 ships Nina,The Pinta,and the Santa Maria, and about 90 crew members!


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Columbus Route 1492

His Purpose

Purpose contiued

Columbus was born in 1454, probobly in Genoa,one of the states that now form Italy. He went to sea @ an early age working for trading companies thoughout Erupe.

Columbus's early years

He discoverd America, but he didn't know he was in America. He thought he was in India because of the the brown skin(not tring to be rasis!!)

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