Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus

In May 2014, Christopher Columbas made the headlines as news broke when a team of archaeologist may have found The Santa Maria off the coast of Haiti. The leader of the expedition, Barry Clifford told the newspaper that "underwater archaeological evidince strongly believes that this reck is the famous Santa Maria."

When Christopher Columbus set off to discover a short route to Asia so he could get goods faster he instead discovered the Americas which at that time nobody knew even existed. He first landed in the hot Bahamas. Then he landed in Cuba and then Hispaniola. He found people there and noticed that they wore gold bits as jewlry and thought that he had reached the Indies so he called the native people he met "Indians."

In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean with three ships The Pinta, The Nina and The Santa Maria. He was paid by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella who were sure that Columbus would find riches and land that would make Spain the richest country in Europe.

Christopher Columbus was a famous explorer, navigator and seaman. He was born in Italy in 1451 and died a famous explorer in 1506. When he was 25 he got shipwrecked off the shore of Portugal and had to swim several miles to shore. He stayed and studied there.

In the time of Christopher Columbus everyone thought that the world was flat and that if you sailed long enough you would fall off the edge of the earth.


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