Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

Columbus has a mixed legacy because he is attributed to opening the western world, but he also spread disease to and enslaved the natives. He may be responsible for opening the west but it didn't bring all good.

"I went to sea from the most tender age and have continued in a sea life to this day. Whoever gives himself up to this art wants to know the secrets of Nature here below. It is more than forty years that I have been thus engaged. Wherever any one has sailed, there I have sailed."– Christopher Columbus

Columbus was an Italian Explorer whose achievements in traveling west incorporated the Americas with the rest of the world. He connected the world through trade and opened the gate to modern geography.


Voyages1.set sail on Aug. 3, 14922.set sail on Sept. 24, 14933.set sail on May 30, 14984.set sail on May 11, 1502

The Ships1. Niña2. Pinta3. Santa Maria


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