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Christopher Columbus

Long ago in 1451 Christopher Columbus was born, in Genoa, Italy. Christopher wanted to be a sailor, to travel, find gold, and claim land. But Christopher's future was to become a weaver, just like his grandpa and father. Twenty-five years later in 1476 Christopher, a twenty-five year old, sailed North with five Italian ships to take wool to many people. Days after they sailed off to bring wool to many people, they were attacked by pirates off the coast of Portugal. Many men died in the fight and Christopher was wounded. Christopher however lived through the wreckage of his ships. Christopher was able to salvage an oar, and swam six miles to the shore of Portugal. After landing on the shores of Portugal, Christopher went to live with his brother, Bartholomew in Lisbon. There they made a buisness together, they made and sold maps. Whenever a Portugal explorer found new land or people they would add them to there next maps.Christopher's amazing journey, was indeed inspired by the great explorer, Marco Polo. If itweren't for Marco Polo, Christopher would have never found america.

Route of Exploration

1492- Spain agreed to sponsor Christopher Columbus.1492- he sailed from Palos, Spain on Agust 2nd with three ships.1493- Returned to Palos, Spain, on March 15.1493- Began his second voyage in September, and left with 17 ships1498- Began his third voyage on May 30 with six ships.1500- He was arrested and sent back to Spain.1502- Began his fourth voyage on May 11th bringing his thirteen-year- old son, Ferdinand with him.1504- Returned to Spain on November 7th.1506- On May 20th Christopher Columbus died in Valladolid, Spain.


Christopher, after the war between Moor and Spain, was sponsored by the King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. He was to go sail around the world to the Indies by sailing West across the Atlantic Ocean and find a way to Asia


Christopher Columbus was motivated to explore the world because he wanted to be the first to sail around the world to Asia.

Christopher Columbus's Journey to the new world

Personal Background



Did you know, no one painted a picture of Christopher Columbus, while he was alive? Most think he looked like this.

Christopher had four voyages to the New world all fairly succsesful. Although there are four voyages known, the most important voyage is his first. In 1492 Columbus was sailing for Asia when he came across what we now call America. This discovery changed the way people thought of the world and they found a route to other resources that helped them survive voyages and long winters.

By: Olivia Griffin

Christopher Columbus changed the way we look at the world. He discovered America and found the indians. Today we honor Christopher Columbus's discovery, and how he risked his life to find a trading route to Asia. He also put america on the map for explorers around Europe.



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