Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus

He was searching for a western route to Asia but reached islands near the Americas.

Christopher Columbus

Columbus's ships were the Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria

Born: 1451 Died: 1506

I was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451, the oldest of fivechildren. Sailing was always my passion.In 1484, I tried to convince King John of Portugal to fund my first voyage to Marco Polo's gold mine. But,the king refused to pay for my voyage.I decided to ask King Ferdinand and Queen Isabellaof Spain to pay for my voyage instead. After several tries they agreed to pay for the expenses.The rulers of Spain gave me three ships and paid for 90 crewmen and supplies.

First Voyage: 1492-1493 Sailed from Palos, Spain to the Caribbeanislands off southeastern North America. They landed on an island they called SanSalvador.

Second Voyage: 1493-1496 Columbus and crew sailed aroundHispaniola and along southern Cuba.

Third Voyage:1496-1500 He sailed to Trinidad and Venezuela. Columbus was the first European since Leif Ericsson to set foot on the mainland of America.

Fourth Voyage: 1502-1504 He sailed to Mexico, Honduras and Panama.

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