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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was born on October 31st 1451 in Genoa, Italy.He was the oldest of 5 children.Christopher Columbus asked the queen of Spain to give him the money and the transportation for the voyages so,after 6 years of thinking, she gave him lots of gold coins and 3 boats.The boats were the Pinta,the Nina and the Santa Maria.He lead the Santa Maria.He navigated his way to and from places with his memory and a compass.Christopher was an excellent map maker and an exceptional boater when it came to steering and control.After Christoher had done 4 voyages the the king accused him of naming himself the "ruler" of the new world.Christopher Columbus spent 1.5 years in jail for calling himself the "ruler"of the new world.After Christopher Columbus got out of jail he sailed no more voyages and died in Spain at age 54 on May 20th 1506. Then in 1507 he was taken to a different part of spain to be buried.


His voyages led to European awareness of the American continents and, more importantly, to the eventual spread of Western culture across much of the discovered area, especially North America. Christopher Columbus also 'discovered' cocoa beans on August 15, 1502, when he robbed the cargo of a native Mayan trader near modern Honduras. Columbus assumed that the beans were a kind of almond, and all he really knew about them was that someone else thought they were valuable; so, Christopher Columbus took them.This piece of text was taken from google seach!

His Impact

Christopher Columbus discovered Americawhich allowed European settlements there.He also discovered plants in Cuba which is now called tobacco.On his last voyage he stole cocoa beans from natives that were then made into chocolate, so technically, Christopher Columbus discovered chocolate too!!!




Christopher at the top of the Santa Maria!

A face shot of Christopher Columbus.

The Pinta

The Nina(The middle one)

The Santa Maria

Images from google images

Christopher Columbus faced many challenges but the main one was that the Santa Maria sank when Christopher left the boat for a day and left it with another experenced captin and the boat crashed into a reef. Another problen was that at the time there was a disease called the smallpox virus witch went around killing many men on his ship but never acually afected Christopher himself.

His challenges

Did you know: Christopher Columbus real name was Cristoforo Columbo and he was Italian.

Did you know: Before Christopher was a sailor and a captain,he made and sold maps.

Who:Christopher ColumbusBirth:October 31st 1451Place of birth:Genoa,ItalyDate of death:May 20th 1506(age 54)


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