Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus

Christopher columbus was born in the fall of 1451 the date is uknown Genoa Italy is his hometown his real name was Chistororo Colombohe went to sea as a teenager. In 1476 he was a crew member in a convoy that got attacked by french piretes near south portguese ,the ship was wrecked fortunately he was able to swim six miles to shore columbus got a idea to sail west to find a water route to Asia he got rejected until king and queen of spain made a deal columbus so columbus sailed the ocean blue and soposetly discovered america .


Columbus found the bahmas and didnt even know he thought he found asia and got credit he also got credit for seeing land first, He also gets credit for finding America even know he didnt even land in america .And sailed his way into American history .

Lasting Impact

Altought columbus did get to name America after himself he gets a day

The voyage of Columbus by Ken Hills explorers & discoverers by Peggy saari & Daniel B.baker


Christopher Columbus

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