[2015] Dennis Luebbert: Christopher Columbus

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[2015] Dennis Luebbert: Christopher Columbus

All voyages were made to colonize the new world and islands. His first voyage was in the islands known as the Carribean. The reason he went on the voyage was because the way to get to China from Europe was long and almost impossible. It was not until 1491 that Spain finally agreed on helping him begin the voyages. August 3, 1492 he began his very first voyage. October 1493 he began his second voyage which was the first colony they established. 1498 was the third expedition. 1502 was the forth and final voyage.

He got to the Americas August 3, 1492. They left from the Spanish port Palos. He was the first person to make lasting contact with the Americas from Europe. When he finally arrived he also brought sickness with him to the natives.



They had three flag ships Nina, Santa Maria and the Pinta. Was an explorer, navigator, colonizer and citizen of the Republic of Genoa. Made four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. He thought finding the Americas meant spreading the Christian Religion. He never officially told the King and Queen he had found a continent that was unknown rather than saying he found India. He strained the relationships with the King and Queen and they sent people to arrest him. It was only until he proved he found something that they backed away. He seeked fortune and fame.

Christopher Columbus



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