[2014] Gabriella Osorio-Palo (Grade 4 2014):

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[2014] Gabriella Osorio-Palo (Grade 4 2014):

The Boat was his mode of transport

#1 Christopher Columbus' real name is Cristoforo Colombo in Italian and Cristobal Colon in Spanish.#2 Columbus had no idea he had found a whole new continent when he first landed in America. Even today, Native Americans are called Indians because of Columbus' confusion.#3 Nina and Pinta weren't the actual names of 2 of the ships that Columbus took with him. Santa Clara (Nina) and The Painted One (Pinta) were the real names.#4 Sadly, Columbus was not a nice person to the Native Islanders. He actually returned to Spain as a prisoner from his third voyage because he treated the people badly.#5 Columbus was probably not the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean, based on some historians. The Viking Leif Eriksson actually is believed to have gone to Canada back in 1000 A.D. Maybe we should start celebrating Eriksson's day on Oct. 9th!

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451. His parents were Susanna Fontanarossa and Domenico Colombo. When he was a teenager he went to many trading voyages in the Mediterrnean and Aegaen seas. His first voyage into the Atlantic was in 1476 and he almost died. He was attacked by French privateers near the coast of Portugal. Fortunately, he survived and swam to the coast of Portugal and went to Lisbon. He got settled and met a woman named Felipa Perestrello. He married her and had one son named Diego Columbus around 1480. Soon after, Felipa passed away and Columbus moved to Spain. There he had another son with Beatriz Enriquez de Arana in 1488 named Ferdinand Columbus. Later on, Columbus went in many other expeditions to Africa. While he was on the expeditions, he studied and learned a lot about the currents flowing west and east from the Canary islands next to Africa. He started to think about a route that went west across the Atlantic to go to Asia. He thought the route would be quicker and safer. He avoided the middle east lands where there were a lot of muslims.

Mini Bio.


Columbus was the first European to arrive in the Bahamas, Hispanola (D.R. and Haiti) Cuba, the Northern coast of South America, and Central America. He opened the doors for other explorers to go to the New World (the Americas). Also, Columbus made Spain wealthier by bringuing gold and richies from the islands.

Nina 1492




5 Good to know Facts

A few years later, Columbus was looking for a sponsor to finance his expedition however, he was rejected by Portugal, Italy, and Spain. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain were very curious about Columbus' idea but they were too busy with the war against the muslims. After the war ended in 1492, they decided to finance Columbus' expedition. Finally in August 1492, Columbus set sail on the Santa Maria with the Pinta and the Nina beside him. He landed in the Bahamas, Cuba, and Hispanola (D.R. and Haiti), where he met some friendly Natives and traded some goods. While in Hispanola, the Santa Maria got wrecked in a coral reef and Columbus' crew used pieces of the ship to built a settlement called "La Villa de La Navidad". Columbus went back home with the Nina and the Pinta and some crew members. Columbus went on another 3 voyages to the "New World" in 1493, 1498, and 1502. Later on, on May 20, 1506 Columbus died at age 55.


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