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Entry 1!Dear diary,Ich bin hier! I am here and I can’t believe how beautiful Berlin and my host family are! I can’t believe how much it is snowing it is amazing! It is officially 4 weeks until Christmas so advent has begun, the city is so nice and decorated! My host family has already begun preparing decorations, baking and sending there loved ones cards. In all different public places there are things called adventskrank as like a decoration. This is a horizontally placed wreath with 4 candles on it. My host family was nice to include me and gave me an Adventskalender which has 24 windows containing a surprise for each day of advent. I am having the best time but still kind off miss home!Steph :DEntry 2!Dear diary,Yesterday I found out that in Germany there is a day called Nikolaus Tag and its today! It is so cool! It is the 6th of December. My host family told me the original Nikolaus lived about 1500 years ago in Turkey. They said he was really kind to children, for which reason he became the patron saint of children. Last night my host siblings and I put a boot each outside and this morning I woke up and it was filled with sweets, nuts, biscuits and some fruit! I was so excited all of the traditions here are so different to Australia and they are so cool! One of my host siblings Markus was being rude and my host mother said to him “Just wait until Krampus comes!” Markus started to cry so later on I asked my host mother what this meant and she told me that St Nikolous doesn’t come to give children presents alone! Sometimes, when the children have been misbehaving instead of st Nikolous Krampus comes. He carries a rod with which disobedient children are punished. Krampus growls, rattles his chains, or bares his teeth at the children who have been naughty. This was very interesting news to me! Nikolaus tag has been fun! I even learnt a great German poem! Gedichte • Lieber, guter Nikolaus! Komm doch bald in unser Haus! • Nikolaus, Nikolaus, huckepack, schenk uns was aus deinem Sack! Schüte deine Sachen aus, Gute Kinder sind im Haus! • O du guter Nikolaus mit dem Bart und Besen, leer dein Säcklein bei uns aus! Wir sind brav gewesen! • Advent! Advent! Ein Lichtein brennt erst eins, dann zwei, dann drei, dann vier dann steht das Christkind vor der Tür!Steph :DEntry 3Dear diary,Its getting closer to Christmas day and the buzz in the town is great!I recently noticed that there is a real Christmas tree in the market place in the town centre but there is no Christmas tree at the home I am staying in! I asked my host parents about this. They said they would decorate the tree on the 24th December in Germany. Families with small children like ours would often try to keep the decorated tree hidden until the celebrations begin on Christmas eve. The parents will light the tree and sometimes a bell is rung to signal that der Weihnachtsmann has been and the children may enter. The whole family gathers around the tree, sings carols and shares gifts. I am really enjoying my time in Germany!Steph :DEntry 4:Dear diary,I cant believe its christmas already it has gone so fast and i have had the best time! Yesturday on christmas eve i helped my host mother propare beautiful meals and making the house look perfect for christmas day. In the afternoon we all dressed in lovely clothes and put up the and at midnight when to church. My host sister julia fell asleep in my lap, It was so cute! When we arrived home it was christmas day and we sang carols and shared presents it was so much fun! Later in the day some of my host families friends came over for a bit and we all had a great time!I love germany!Steph :D

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