Christmas Truce

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Social Studies
World War II

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Christmas Truce

Christmas Truce

The christmas truce was the soliders idea their leaders didn't know anything about it. Once they did find out they threatend there men to prison if they didnt fight. Even though they were just trying to have some peace during holiday season.

On Christmas morning the English soliders started sing ing christmas carols accross no man's land.They sang back and forth to eachother the whole morning. Then they dropped their guns and stopped firing.

So some couragous soliders climbed out of their trenches and walked accross no mans land unarmed. The allies were a little uneasy at firsuntil they saw that they were unarmed. They shoot hands and called for a seize fire.

They made it an official truce that their would be a seize fire and shook hands. It was just the soliders and trying to have some peace

During the truce they started to become friends and they traded gifts like ciggarettes and clothes.They didn't want to fight they actually wanted the war to be over. They did other festive activites like decorating a christmas tree.

They also played some festive games like soccer to kill some time one game went on four over 4 hours long. They first started playing it when the french introduced it to the Germans.They were relieved to finally get out of the trenches and feel free.


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