Christmas Island

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Christmas Island

Christmas IslandBy: Laura Gay

The third theme is palce. Place deals with landofrms, capital, population, population density, and area. There are not many landforms but there are some lakes and oceans that I do not knoe the name, but there is a hill called Murray Hill. The capital is The Settlement. The population is 1,402. The area of Christmas Island is 52.129 squate miles. The population density is 27 people per square miles.

The fifth and last theme is movement. Movement deals with seaports, railroads, and airports. The seaport that is in Christmas Island is Flying Fish Cove. The railroad measurement is 18km. There is 1 airport located in Christmas island

Theme 2 Region

Theme 5 Movement

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My Trip to Christmas IslandOn June 16, 2014 I flew on a plane to Christmas Island. When I first got there I checked into my hotel which was Captin Cook Hotel. On June 17, 2014 I met my trainer that taught me how to fish for bonefish and I caught two on my own!!!!!!June 18, 2014 which waas my last day I went to a local ministry school and did some crafts and taught them about the schools in the USA and went to a local cafe and tried many of their little pastrys. After that I went to theirairport and flew home.

The first theme is location. There are two parts Exact and Relative location. Locaion deals with hempispheres, compasss rose cordinates, oceans, and neighbors. The hempispheres that Christmas island is located at are Eastern and Southern. The compass rose cordinates are 30 eastern and 105 southern. The oceans that border Christmas island are Pacific ocean and Indian ocean. The neighbors are Austrilia, Cocos Island, and Indonesia.

Theme 1Location

The second theme is region. Region deals with climate region, languages, and relgions. Te climate region is dry, wet, and tropical and the daily temperature is 71.6 degrees. The language that they speak is English. The religions that they practice are Buddism, Muslim, and Christianity.

Theme 4Interaction

Theme 3Place

The fourth theme is Interaction. Interaction deals with natural resources, industries, products and important jobs. The natural resources are phosphate,red crab, and beaches. Their industries are tourism, fishing, and phosphate extrction. Their products are fish bait, tackle, and fish. The important jobs are tourism and fishing.


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