Christmas in Spain

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Christmas in Spain

y próspero Año Nuevo! is Happy New Year in Spanish.

The name for Santa in Spain is papa noel.

FoodTapas- Artichokes with clamsCordero Asado - Roast LambTurrón- almond candy

Tradition Christmas is celebrated from Christams day to January 6th. Christmas is a very serious holiday in Spain. Christmas on Spain is just a day to spend with your family. Christmas is celebrated in the south east part of Spain.

Christmas in SpainTaylor Garcia

TraditionThe main characters of Spains Christmas are Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.

¡Feliz Navidad is how to say Merry Christams.


Cordero Asado


Activities The Mexican Lottery Card game is played during the Christams time.

Mexican Lottery Card Game

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In Spain of companies give their employees a hamper or basket of food and drink at Christmas as a gift.


I am most proud of my activity box because it took me forever to find something.My map of where it's celebrated could improve a little. The most interesting thing about my country's holiday is the food they eat.

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