Christmas in Scotland

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Christmas in Scotland

FoodBannock cakes, made of oatmeal are usually eaten at Christmas in Scotland. Swans, a dish made from oat husks is also eaten. They also eat plum pudding.

Christmas in Scotland

My Choice BoxThe name for Santa in Scotland is Santa Claus and sometimes Clas.Santa. They say "Nolliag chridheil huibh" instead of "Merry Christmas."

TraditionsCristmas in Scotland is celebrated on New Years Eve, called Hogmanay, as well as on Christmas Day. People make big bonfires and dance around them listening to bagpipes.

ActivitiesThe night before Christmas in Scotland, children place their stockings on the end of their bed. Around the towns they put up colorful Christmas lights. They also put them on the tree and smash the lights one by one to countdown to Christmas. They also sing and have parades to celebrate.

Bannock Cake




My ReflectionsI am most proud of my food box. I think I could work on fitting my boxes in the right position. The coolest thing about Scotland is their food. They have really cool, but weird food.

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