Christmas in Peru

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Christmas in Peru

Christmas In Peru

Peru is a Spanish speaking country located in Western South America. 2/3 of the country is covered iin rain forest and it contains numerous tourist attractions, such as Machu Picchu. It was first occupied by the Incans then the Spanish took over. As a result of this much or Peruvian culture is a mizture of the native and european traditions.

Traditions The nativity is very popular, and you can find one in every house and church. the main symbols for animals are the llama and alpaca. You can nbuy your nativities at santurantikuy or the buying of the saints. This event is held on December 24th, handi crafts are avaliable to buy.

FoodThe main dish of Peruvian christmas feast is a Turkey topped with fruit, sides include applesauce and hot chocolate topped with cinnamon. Before dessert a main side is salad with different meats.

ChacolatadasA unique aspect of Christmas in Peru is chocalatadas. This is when rich businesses and better off people give "christmas cheer" to people who have less. Churches and businesses usually organize this event. They give hot chocalte, bread and sometimes even toys to the people lined up.

We believe in Santa...Peru as well as the U.S both believe in the concept of Santa and having a christmas tree to decorate for santa to leave presents under. Childern open presents late night on Christmas Eve. In America they open presents Christmas morning.

In addition to Christmas many Peruvians also celebrate Dia de los Reyes or 3 Kings day. It is observed on Jan 6th. They believe the three wise men came to visit baby Jesus. Many chilldren also get presents on this day. It is a much more celebrated day than Christmas. On this day many people eat edible wreathes known as Rosca del Reyes.


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