Christmas in Norway

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Christmas in Norway

Christmas in Norway

ATIVITIESChildren like to go carol singing. Often children will dress up as characters from the Christmas Story, such as the Shepherds and Wise Men, and go singing from house to house in their local neighborhood. Sometimes they carry with stars on them.Another tradition in parts of Norway is that families light a candle every night from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day

TRADITIONSWHENSanta Lucia's Day, 13 December, is the first day of the Christmas celebration in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and is also known as the shortest day of the year - winter solstice. WHEREChristianity first came to the area. Before this people celebrated jul or jòl in the middle of winter. It was a celebration in honour of the old pagan scandinavian gods. Now all of Norway celebrates Christmas! HOWEvery year, usually at the end of November when the dark season has set in, many cities have a lighting of the City Lights ceremony, complete with parade and an honorary person pulling the big switch to light up the city streets. This is one of the ways they celebrate Christmas. WHOThe Norwegian 'Nisse' is not like Santa Claus. It is believed that the name 'Nisse' is probably derived from 'Nisser'- old elves that existed much before the birth of Christ. The 'Nisse' is believed to scare bad children and dogs at night. It is believed that if dogs bark on the night of Christmas Eve, that means the 'Nisse' is about to visit the homes of people. This Christmas character also brings gifts to good children and delivers the presents himself, unlike Santa Claus, who climbs down the chimney in at night.





FOODMany different types of cakes and cookies are eaten over Christmas in Norway. One of the most popular is a special bread called 'Julekake' that has raisins, candied peel and cardamom in it. Rice Porridge is eaten on Christmas Eve either as a meal at lunchtime (served with butter, sugar and cinnamon) or as a dessert to the main evening email (with whipped cream mixed in!).The main meal is normally pork or mutton ribs served with 'surkal' (white or red cabbage, finely chopped and cooked with caraway seeds and vinegar) and potatoes.





Musevisa (The Mouse Song)A very popular song at Christmas time in Norway is the Musevisa (The Mouse Song). The words were written in 1946 by Alf Prøysen. The tune is a traditional Norwegian folk tune. It tells the story of some mice getting ready for Christmas and the Mother and Father mice warning their children to stay away from mouse traps! It became popular very quickly and is now as popular as ever in Norway. Here is a video of carolers singing Musevisa.

A traditional Norwegian Christmas Tree decoration are small paper baskets called 'Julekurver' which made in the shape of a heart. It's said that the writer Hans Christian Andersen might have invented them in the 1860s! I have made one to show you.

In Norwegian Happy/Merry Christmas is 'God Jul' or 'Gledelig Jul'.


REFLECTIONI am most proud of completing my glog on time.My Julekurver could be improved.The most interesting thing is how diffrent the foods are from what we would nomally eat on Christmas


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