Christmas In Mexico

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Christmas In Mexico

Cristmas In Mexico!

By-Hector Flores

Mexican Tradition Con.When do Mexicans celebrate their Christmas? They celebrate Christmas from December 16th till January 6th! Where+How do Mexicans celebrate Christmas? Mexicans celebrate christmas in their own homes as we do , but for 9 days they wander along the street with candles and clay figures on boards , singing songs at each house they visit. They call it a Posada.What do they call Santa Claus?They refer to him as-"Santo Clos

Mexican ActivitiesDuring their 9 day long Los Posadas , their activities can range from staying inside or walking around pretending to be the peregrinos asking for shelter , during which they walk along the streets singing songs , while they carry around a board with clay figures on it of the peregrinos.During this time they knock on neighbors doors and sing songs.

What characters are a part of mexican christmas tradition? Well , as we traditionally think of santa claus , they think of characters of the bible , The Virgin Mary , Joseph , Jesus , The three wise men , etc...How do they say Merry Christmas?They say "Feliz Navidad" there is even a song for it.What kind of gifts to they recieve for christmas? In the northern states they recieve big presents from santa or "Santo Clos" as they call him , then during January they get smaller presents from the Reyes Magos then in the southern states , El Nino Dios(Jesus) brings presents then the "Los Reyes Magos" or Three wise men as we would call it bring the equivalant to Santo Clos presents.

Where Christmas is celebrated

Mexican Traditons

Los Pasadas beingcelebrated

Mexican FoodSome Traditional Mexican foods to serve during christmas are Tamales which are cornmeal dumplings which can be prepared with a variety of different fillings. They are wrapped in corn husks and sometimes even banana leaves.Another traditional food is the Pavo and is a Turkey that is native to Mexico and is another popular choice for a Mexican Christmas Eve dinner. The Christmas turkey can be roasted, and can even be served with mole, and a variety of other things..

Tamales ' Pavo

Cristmas Celebration in Mexico


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