Christmas in Latvia

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Christmas in Latvia

Latvians have a tradition of dressing an animal or another person. Once they costumed went from house to house singing and blessing the homes and the people, casting out evil spirits.

In the Cristmas festivities are celebrated importants banquets, where can't miss the "kakis", that consist in a stuffed pork snout barley, but neither can't miss the gingerbread cookies. And other popular dish is the smoked fish.

The Cristmas theme of Latvia is "a gift, a poem". The Latvian custom says that on Christmas Eve just after dinner, look at the tree Christmas gifts, but anyone can take the gifts without reciting a little poem. Other custom is to get logs and get them fire in New Year with the intention to kill all the problems before the new year.

Christmas in Latvia

Another costums is that you should eat nine meals or nine times to have prosperity the next year

Besides decorating Christmas trees, also decorate the houses. It was very common decorate with 'puzuri', an ornament made ​​of straw joined with wire, that can also take wool or feathers.

A strange tradition

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