Christmas in Japan

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Christmas in Japan

Traditions*Christmas is usually celebrated on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day.*Christmas is more of a romanitic holiday instead a religious family holiday.* Christmas is not a national holiday. Citizen go to work ' to school since the population aren't Christians.My Choice*The Japanese remove spirits from their homes by cleaning spotlessly, then decorate in their best attire. Then the fathter tosses beans around the home to remove demons and welcome good luck.* Parties are normally held specifically for children ' they sing carols. *Hotei-osho is the Japanese equivalent to Santa Claus. He is known as a kind figure with a large sack, containing presents for well-behaved children.

An unique tradition possessed by the Japanese is to remove spirits from their home. The home has to cleaned spotlessly, then decorated afterwards as the whole family is in their best attire. Then, the father proceeds to walk around the house, tossing dried beans to remove the demons and welcome good luck.

Fried Chicken



Kentucky Fried Chicken

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Christmas in Japanby gmsmedia120

Fried chicken is a common course for Christmas celebrations. KFC often is the main course or another option is turkey. A common dessert served afterwards is Christmas Sponge Cake with cream ' strawberries that looks like Santa Claus.





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