Christmas in Italy

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Christmas in Italy


Mexico's Christmas celebration starts on December 12 and ends January 6th. Children perform Posadas, which is Spanish for Inn. These Posadas celebrate the story of Joseph and Mary when they looked for a place to stay. The children act out the story like a play. There is a different Posada every night. But, at the final one the children reinact the nativity scene.


Christmas in Italy

An important way of celebrating Christmas in Italy is the Nativity crib scene. The crib is used to tell the story because of St. Francis of Assisi in 1223.The city of Naples is known for making cribs called Presepe Napoletano, Neapolitan Cribs. These cribs for the Nativity scene are put out on December 8th and the baby Jesus is put in the crib at night on December 24th.

Christmas in Mexico


Holiday Traditions Around the World

Another tradition is that children sing carols while acting as shepards.On Christmas Eve, usually no meat is eaten.

After the nativity scene, everyone goes to a church service; after the church service, everyone goes to a party. A popular game is the smashing of the piñatas and children get candy.Poinsettia flowers are known as nochebuena flowers in Mexico. Nochebuena is Spanish for Christmas Eve.


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