Christmas in Italy

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Christmas in Italy

Christmas In Italy!!

Akeya Pritchett

Food-Christmas eve dinner is a light meal with no meat. -Baccala (salted dried cod fish)-Vermicelli-Baked Pasta-Capon and Turkey

Italy Christmas Video

Activities/TraditionsChristmas is celebrated for 3 weeks and starts 8 days before Christmas. The traditions are heavily on the religion of Christainity. A week before Christmas poor children dress up as Sheperds. Then they go from house to house reciting christmas poems and singing christmas songs. The Nativity Scene is one of the most beloved symbols of Christmas season. Babbo Natale is the father christmas. Italy Rome is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas.



Baked Pasta

My ChoiceThe name for Santa is Babbo Natale.You say Boun Natale which is Merry Christmas.Some gifts that are given when you have little money are chocolate,m italian wines, or Italian cookies with Nutellla.

Project reflectionI am most proud of how organized I have this project. I could have more things on it to look better. The most interesting part was how the children would dress up and go around singing and telling christmas poems.

Christmas celebrations

children dressed as sheperds


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