Christmas in Germany

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Christmas in Germany

Christmas in GermanyBy: Emily Reinneck

German boys dress up as kings and carry a star around the village, singing carols. In some homes a room is locked up before Christmas with a tree lit up inside with piles of parcels on little tables. At midnight of Christmas Eve, the children are woken up and taken down to the locked room.

The Christmas Eve dinner menu traditionally comprises of delicious dishes such as suckling pig, white sausage, macaroni salad, reisbrei (a sweet cinnamon) and many regional dishes.

Germany's main Christmas characters:St. Nicholas, Christmas Man, & Christkind

Map of Germany

In Germany, the real celebration starts Dec. 6, which is known as "Nikolaustag." On the Night of Dec. 5, children put their shoe or boot outside the door. Then St. Nicholas goes around and puts delicious treats in the good children's shoes and twigs in the naughty children's shoes.

This is their suckling pig!

German activities during Christmas include:

This video describes the way things are in Germany during Christmas time.

The Christmas tree is an integral part of German Christmas celebrations. The Christmas tree originated in Germany. A unique aspect of Geman Christmas decorations is that kids can not take part in the beautification of the Christmas tree. It is believed that the tree has some mysterious spells for all young eyes that rest on it before Christmas Eve.

Christmas traditions in Germany :)

German Christmas celebraations!

In some parts of Germany, children write to the Christkind (the Christ Child in English) asking for presents. The letters to the Christkind are decorated with sugar glued to the envelope to make them sparkly and attractive to look at. Children leave the letters on the windowsill at the beginning of or during Advent. A big part of the Christmas celebrations in Germany is Advent. In several homes, they have Advent calenders.

I am most proud of my activity descriptions. I think my video could be improved. The most interesting thing abour my country is that they start their celebration earlier than we do.

Germany's name for Santa is St. Nicholas and Christkind. They say Froehliche Weihnachten instead of "Merry Christmas." Little dolls of fruit are traditional Christmas toys.


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