Christmas in France

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Christmas in France

Christmas in FranceBy:Madison Peters

These are 2 of the food listed above that are typically eaten on Christmas. The one to the left is Foie Grass. The one one the right is The Thirteen Desserts.

This is more food eaten on Christmas in France . The one on the right is Nougat Blanc and the one on the left is Dinde Aux Marrons.

-Food eaten on Christmas in France -Oysters Foie Gras Smoked Salmon CrepesChapon Croasted ChickenDinde Aux Marrons (Chesnut-Stuffed Turkey)Ganzel topf (goose)Buche De Noel Kouglof

Traditions Many people in France put up a Christmas tree like we do in the USA. In France, Food is important on Christmas and Christmas Eve. They will have a large feast on Christmas Eve and on Christmas. They also open their presents on Christmas Eve. The children will put their shoes by the fire place to have their shoes filled with goodies. In France , Christmass celebrated on December 25th. But in the northern and eastern part of France , Christmas is celebrated on December 6th.

-Activites-Public life on Christmas is generally quiet. The Christains celebrate Christmas by remembering Jesus Christ's birth around the year 3 BCE.

-Project Reflection-I'm proud that I finished on time. My Video could have been better. I found all of the food they ate interesting.

My Choice The way to say santa in French is Pere Noel.The way to say Merry Christmas is joyeux noel.


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