[2015] Taylor Walker: Christmas in France

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[2015] Taylor Walker: Christmas in France

Christmas in France By: Taylor Walker

Traditions:In France families eat a special meal called Le Re`veillon de Noel around midnight to celebrate the very beginning of Chrisrmas day. The nativity scene is displayed until Feburary 2nd. This date is called La Chandeleur which is forty days after Christmas. There is a custom of a log and candles burning all night with some food and drinks in case Mary and baby Jesus come pass through their homes during the night. In France christans celebrate Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem on Christmas Day.

My Choice:In France Santa is called Pe`re Noel (Father Christmas). You would say Joyeux Noel if you would like to say Merry Christmas. Gift giving is new in France and the gifts that are given vary. Some gifts that are given are flowers and high quality chocolates.

Food:Some foods eaten on Christmas are rabbit terrine, brouillade de truffs ( omlet with truffles), roasted capon (a small bird), aigo-bouildo (garlic soup), and papillottes( small chocolate candies wrapped in shiny paper).

Activities:The activities include going to a special church service, eating a big meal, and opening gifts on Christmas Eve.

Reflection:I am most proud of my glogs layout and I think I cound have found a better video. The most intresting thing about christmas in France is that they belive Mary and baby Jesus pass through their houses at night.

Christmas Church Service

Rabbit Terrine

Brouillade de Truffs

Roasted Capon



Nativity Scene

Christmas Stockings

Where Christmas is Celebrated in France


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