Christmas in Fiji

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Christmas in Fiji

LovoA common christmas food that is consumed (usually as the main Christmas dinner or lunch) in Fiji is the Lovo. Lovo is a term given to food that is cooked in an earth-oven on hot stones.

Mass & Celebrations -As Christian is the largest religion in Fiji, around 449,482 Fijians attend the midnight mass Vigils on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Our Saviour, Jesus Christ. While at Mass they sing carols including "O Come All Ye Faithful" but in Fijian language. - To celebrate Christmas Fijians have large feasts that include beef, pork and chicken, which are foods that are eaten rarely except at special occasions. Fijians are said to gather in the largest hut in the village (usually the chief's house) to commemorate Christmas. Many children also believe that Santa will come on Christmas Eve and leave them presents if they are good.- Some Fijians also decorate their houses with baubles colourful ribbons, candles and tinsel, but rarely use Christmas lights as there are not many power outlets in common Fijian homes.

Christmas in Fiji

TRADITIONSEach year Fijian's participate in singing and the "Meke" dance which includes a fan dance (seasea) by women and a spear dance (Make wesi) by men.

LOCATIONFiji is an island country situated in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,770.3km north-east, off New Zealand's North Island.

Another main part of the festive season in Fiji is the drink Yaquona (yagona) it is made from the roots of the Kava plant.


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