Christmas in China

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Christmas in China

Symbols of Christmas in ChinaThey hang lanterns out called "Tree's of Light." They decorate their trees with colorful paper ornaments. Santa is not accompanied by elves, but by his sisters who are dressed in elf clothing. Some stores sell gift hampers with edible treats inside. Fruit bowls are filled with oranges and tangerines because it means good luck.

Christmas in China

Some traditions

1)On Christmas Eve they give out apples. Christmas Eve is Ping An Ye and apple is Ping Guo. They sound similar2) Santa is known as Dun Che Lao Ren "Old Christmas Man"3) The Christmas feel ends around February4) They go on shopping sprees like we do5) They go and carol but they don't understand them

Clothing on ChristmasSanta dresses up like ours do. Store owners wear santa hats and green or red clothes.

Food on ChristmasThey have a whole duck with unique sides. It has diced chicken, ham, shrimp, scallops, mushrooms, bamboo, and chestnuts. Pecking duck is a special treat.

Christmas BeliefsThey have a fireworks display. Christmas is not a public holiday so shops are open on Christmas. Don't leave out a note or cookie, they also don't write a note saying what they want.

Jingle Bells in Chinese

How to say Merry Christmas in Chinese


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