Christmas customs in our country

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Christmas customs in our country

Christmas customs in our country

Kissing under the mistletoe

People hang on Christmas a mistletoe on the chandeliers . The mistletoe can be silver, gold ornature.They believe, that if a man kissesa woman under the mistletoe, their lovewill stay forever fresh.

The golden piglet

After the Christmas Eve's dinner cut people an apple.If they there is a starlet in it, the next year will be healthy. If there is a cross, the next year will be illy.

Cutting an apple

If you will fast on the 24th of December, in the evening you will see the golden pigletwhich will ensure a plenty next year.

Molding the lead

You need a bowl with cold water and a piece of lead. Over flame you melt down the lead and put it in the water.The lead will stiff and the shape will say what will await you.

Shell boating

Nut boat with lit candle is drained into larger bowl with water. Her voyage marks the career of the person who sent it.

Famous scene from the czech film Pelíšky. Father Kraus is molding the lead.He wants to know his fate.


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