Christina Virginia Colony

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Christina Virginia Colony

Virginia Colony Flag

Welcometo Virginia

Virginia's History.Virginia had been established in the year 1607 after the landing of the first English Settlers in Jamestown. After landing, English settlers had brought disease to this new place harming the Natives that had been there years before these new settlers. Tobacco growth soon begun, leading to their first cash crop!In 1619, a General Assembly had been created allowing a limited amount of self government and slaves had been introduced.Power was put in the hands of men, government and overall the Church of England. Soon the American Revolution had took place from 1775-1783, where men fought for independence.

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Founded in 1607 by John Smith

The growth of tobacco was introduced by John Rolfe and was used as a "salvation" to the people. It was very profitable.

Colony Map

Where tobacco thrives and money is made

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Land:In 1618, The London Company established the headright system. This system allowed each colonist that paid their way into Virginia would recieve 50 acres of land and an additional 50 for each person they paid for and brought from England. Wealthy colonists were able to gain large amounts of land through this system.

FoundingIn the year 1605, merchants had asked to found a settlement in search of gold and money. King James I granted the request promising the London Company right to everything along the coast and then establish a government as time went on. In 1607, John Smith's crew of English colonists were able to finally establish this settlement in Virginia which was known as "Jamestown."

"I don't even know where to begin. Virginia is an amazing place. Although it is hard to raise a family, once my wife came with me however things got better. My tobacco business is doing great and I have been able to attain alot of land through indentured servants and slaves."

Religion:Patrick Henry with the help of James Madison wrote the sixteenth article of the Virginia Declaration of Rights in 1776, allowing freedom of religion.In 1786, Virginia passed Thomas Jefferson's Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom, allowing for religious freedom in Virginia.

Government:In the beginning Virginia's government was run through joint stock companies which is when investors came together and took the risk of lose in hope to make a profit. However, then the House of Burgesses had been created. This system of Virginia's elected assembly had control over laws and taxes.

Jobs:Some of the jobs that you can get here in Virginia are are farming, blacksmithing, government, portsmen, craftsmen, lumbermen, and fishers!



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