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Christianity was established in 30BCE. As a christian our Messiah is Jesus, This religion was founded in Israel. Christianity was introduced in Roman Empire, Western and Eastern Europe.

In the picture above, it shows a baby getting baptised while she is praying. Usually when people get baptised they dedicate their lives to God.

The Holy Bible is a collection of sacred text. It tells the story of God and Jesus with other very important characters, like for example, Moses, Joseph, Mary, Adam, Eve, David, Israel, etc. The Bible is also the Word of God.

At Christian churches, they do something called Communion every first of the month. You would take a little cup of wine (grape juice)to represent his blood. Then, the bread represents his body as if we are always with him. In otherwards, Communion is a way to feel closer with our savior.

1.Thou shall have no other Gods before me2.Thou shall not make any graven images3.Thou shall not take the name of the Lord Thy God in vain4.Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy5.Honor Thy Father, and Mother6.Thou shall not kill7.Thou shall not commit adultery8.Thou shall not steal9.Thou shall not bear false witness10.Thou shall not covet

Jesus said that the 7th day is the rest day, many people go to church service and praise the Lord. people still get redeemed by Jesus till this day. Christians usually Praise God, and also keeps him close to their lives. We believe that since he died on the cross for us, we live for him.

The different sects of christianity are Roman Empire, Orthodoxy, and Protestant.

At the cross by Chris Tomlin


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