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This symbol of the cross represents Jesus's curcifixtion. Jesus was arrested and put to death because the Jews wanted him dead. He was thought of to be a trouble makerby the Jews. I as a christain believe that this was a plan to save humanity.


The Holy Bible isn't just one book it's a hole library of storys. There are two sections of the Bible the Old Testament and New Testament. The Old Testament has 39 books and the New Testament has 27. In the New Testament the Gospels were written to teach us Jesus's way of life and teaching.



This image is a symbol of Easter and Jesus's resurrection. On Easter Sunday Jesus rose from the dead. During that day some women were going to visit his tomb when they saw that it was empty. Jesus was later seen that day and made people realize that God had raised Jesus from the dead.


Jesus is born. This day is known as Chrismas and marked on December 25. Jesus was born of th vigin Marry who was engaged to Joseph. This story is described in the New Testament. Mary was to have Jesus in Bethlehem. When they arrived the local inn was already full so they had to stay in an animal stable where Mary gave birth to Jesus.


The church is the Christianity place of worship. The Christian worship involves praising God through prayer, reading of the scripture, music, and ect. The Christian worship grew from the Jewish worship. Services on Sunday divide into two general types Eucharistic service and service of the Word.


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