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Glog by:Kortney LeMaster

HolidaysThere are two holidays that christians celebrate. Christmas and Easter. Christmas is the day that Jesus was born, it is very important. Even more importantly there is Easter. Some people don't really celebrate Good Friday, but that is the day that Jesus died and was laid in the toumb. Easter is most important because it is the day Jesus rose from the dead. Jesus had died on the cross to forgive and wash away our sins. When he was laid in the toumb he was rubbed with spices, and rapped in cloth. Doing this we showed our love for him, because he showed his love for us. When he rose, he showed us that there will be a heaven. And he showes us that if you don't obey and belive in God that there is a hell.

God sent his son Jesus to save us. Jesus taught everyone as he was a child. As he grew older, people started to hate him. The people who believed and followed him were called deciples. God talked to his son and told him that he would be beaten and hung on a cross. Jesus asked him why, but God never answered. That night soldiers came to the garden Jesus had prayed to God, and took him away. The next day he was beaten, crowned with a crown of thorns, and hung on the cross,to die.

Important PeopleThere are many important people in the history of Christianity. The Bible is a great way to find out about all of them. There is Moses/bringer of the Ten Commandments. Abraham, people belive that he is the father of the religion. God, and his son Jesus the Messiah and Savior. Mary is also important because she took the responsiibility of carying Jesus as her own baby. Important Place Bethleham was where Jesus was born.A church or chapel is where cristians worship. That is where priest or pope teaches about the religion.

The bible is very important. It's how we know what wenton back in the bibletimes.

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