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By: Alex Kim

Where it started

Christianity started in Jerusalem or present day Israel. Jesus foundered Christianity and picked up 12 disciples to help him spread it around the world.

The basic beliefs for Christianity can be expressed by the ten commandments and to believe that Jesus died for your sins. It is also said not to sin

The holy book in Christianity is the Bible. The bible consist of the Old testement and the new testement.

Holy days in Christianity are Christmas, December 25, Good Friday, April 3 , Easter Sunday April 5 and Palm Sunday the sunday before Easter. These are just the main holidays celebrated in Christianity.

There is one God in Christianity. It has 3 forms the holy spirit, jesus and God

In Christianity there is a Heaven and a Hell. In heaven you become one of God's angels. in hell you suffer eternally from fire.


Christianity is the most popular religion in the world. The leaders of this religion are Jesus Christ, Moses, Noah, and the 12 disciples.they just a couple of people that help spread Christianity

There are different sects of Christianity that preach Christianity a little bit differently. The four main sects are Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, and Presbyterian.


The main symbol for Christianity is the cross. The cross is used because Jesus was crucified on the cross and died for our sins.

Holy days


Basic Beliefs



an intersting fact is that Jesus was born from an virgin


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