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Jesus treated everyone equaly, and tried to convert them to become Christian, like Mary Magdalene the prostitute. He promoted racial cohesion by treating a Samaritan woman as his equal, healing a Roman Centurion Servant and having an African carry his cross.

Jesus is all- might, all powerful and all- loving,, one of the Christian commandments is 'Love thy neighbour as theyself' indicating that Christian's should follow Jesus's good example and treat everyone equally.

Christians believe that anyone can enter God's kingdom, no matter what race or colour, so here on Earth, Christians also should treat people equally. Plus everyone is created in God's image.

'Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you

Why Christians should not be racist

Whether he is a brother Israelite or an alien living in one of your towns. Pay him his wages each day before sunset"

THE DIGNITY OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS IS GIVEN BY GOD, NOT ACHIEVED OR EARNED. Scripture teaches that humans are valued in worth through personality and abilities not through genetic biology at all.

THROUGH THE MEANS OF GRACE, GOD EMPOWERS CHRISTIANS TO ABSTAIN FROM THE PASSIONS OF THE FLESH THAT WAGE WAR AGAINST THE SOUL, INCLUDING THE SIN OF RACISM. We humans are born innocent like a baby like a toddler. Evil comes upon us in different forms such as quarreling, malice and racism. We can choose to be free from such evils like racism. Everyone no matter what race or form is allowed to dine at God's supper,

The main reason why Christians cannot be racist is that Jesus is not English, Chinese, African or anything. He was hebrew- Jewish. People just want Jesus to look like them, which is why racism starts. Jesus was open and acceptive of anyone, which is why Christans should not be racist.

Exceptions Albeit to the Christian teachings there are some churches which practice racism such as the Dutch Reformed Church which preach racial segregation and apartheid amongst the Africans. Also in the England Anglican Church, white members speak out agaianst anti- apartheid movement in politics.

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