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Christianity (by adamchahid)


Intro Founder: Jesus - Jesus Christ to followers who believed he was the Messiah Origin: Bethlehem - Jesus born near Jerusalem

Spreading of Christianity - Disciples spread salvation message - Apostles mainly taught in Jewish areas - Paul (Saul) was an important character who converted from Judaism to Christianity > made Christianity broader religion

Spreading of Christianity, cont. - Paul born in Asia Minor but traveled to create churches around eastern Mediterranean - In medieval times (Middle Ages), Christianity gave comfort and hope in times of distress and suffering - Promises of good after life led Europeans to spread message - Spread occured mostly in early 300s and 400s

Pantheon: became Christian church in 609 AD (Rome)

Beliefs - Jesus rose from dead after being buried - 40 days teaching disciples; then went into Heaven - Resurrection and Ascension = Messiah - Repent sins, seek forgiveness from God - Love God over all

Practices - Worship on Sundays - Eucharist > ceremony in honor of last supper > bread & wine - Baptisms

Extra Symbol: Hand above cross = God's hand Sacred text: Bible

Art depiction of The Last Supper, da Vinci, 15th cen.

Jesus depicted in Byzantine mosaic in Istanbul



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